Thursday, December 16, 2010

solid rock.

wow. so i have been waiting for forever to say something about this little subject, but i have not really had time to say anything. so i found this amazing church in portland called solid rock. God is doing incredible things through it. these people seem to have a genuine love for the people they serve and are free from judgement, hypocrisy, and all the other things that destroy churches. they are also refreshingly honest. even though the building has nothing to do with the amazing work that is happening inside, here is a look at the inside.

so yes. im not 100% sure who the lead pastor is, but john mark comer does most of the messages. if you are interested in these but dont want to go to the church, the podcasts are online at oh man. these are so good. i would highly recommend listening to the series on identity. so powerful. you can listen to those here: i listened to these right when i needed them most. totally recommend for any college-aged person. call me a jesus freak, but i have been listening to one every night before bed. that is how amazing they are. God is using this church to do incredible things in portland. and in my heart. so that is my thoughts. if i lived in portland, i would never leave this place.

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