Monday, December 6, 2010

lazy day.

i spent today doing a little of this:

an especially nice extended extra time for devotion and prayer this morning

Mumford and Sons.
eating so many tangerines

napping! yeah! so needed.

psych + monk= love love love
(took me forever to figure how to edit this, btw..)

so, since im on the subject of monk, i have a confession. i have seen every single episode of Monk ever made. for reals. and now i am rewatching it on netflix. that is 8 seasons. oh man, it is a problem. and now i am turning to psych for my fill since monk is off the air. also conveniently on netfilx. soo good. i also have a slight creepy obsession with the police. im not sure why. i like being in other peoples business. but i could never be an officer. and that is why i like monk and psych. it is not scary or bloody, really. i can't watch NCIS or CSI. i tried. actually i only watched the CSI episode with justin bieber. but way too scary. so that is how i got to watching every episode of monk. im going there with psych now.

the only shows i have ever watched in their entirety are:
arrested development (that is not saying much there were only like 3 seasons)
and the hills (season 2 and 3). let me explain this one. i love love this show too. not as much as my cop shows, just because it is so fun. it is fun to watch other peoples drama when my life is so void of it. i think girls need drama. and i refuse to make it myself so i will enjoy other peoples. is that shallow? i hope not. plus hannah and i would watch every episode per night before bed. it was cute. and ehlana watched it at her house and then we would discuss it later. sooooo good. our plan is to rent the rest of the seasons asap. thank you Jesus for netflix play instant!!

woah. got so sidetracked. anywho, my day has been so lazy and nice. i only have one final this week. nice, i know. i lucked out. that is tomorrow. i need to do a little preparing. but im not too worried. i got a 95 on my midterm and i felt i did terrible. but now just watch. i am getting cocky and therefore i will probably end up failing. oh man. i hope not. eek. okay. i need to get to work.  

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