Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my first adventure with the police.

waaah. i got pulled over today. i knew it would happen eventually. it happens to everyone but today was the day i got reprimanded by the law.
apparently i rolled through a stop sign. i know for a fact i stopped but the officer says i slowed down but did not come to a complete stop. i was bummed for like 2 hours. surprisingly i did not cry. im not sure why. i hate doing things wrong. but now its funny. only because my mom got a ticket for doing the same thing in the same intersection. and because i didn't. so yes. here i am. criminal, and lawbreaker. i fail to obey the law.

but this doesn't change my love for the police. i respect the man who gave me a ticket. i bet his job is hard.

and so im thankful. if i actually got a real ticket, it would come out of hannahs christmas gift fund. thats right. punish my sister for my reckless mistakes. just kidding.

drive safe out there.

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