Thursday, December 9, 2010

she had faded feathers in her hair.

what song is the title from?? guess. dont google it. really. ill give you a hint at the end.

but yes. its true. i finally got those feathers i wanted in my other blog. we had a little girl outing and had our head filled with feathers. okay. maybe only six. six small ones. but still. i love them. take a peeksie:

ill take a better picture later, but i really dont feel like doing my hair for one picture. sorry. but anyway, it was so fun. but there is more. these were done by the sweetest, cutest, amazing woman whos name i dont even know. shame on me. but here is the story (short version): so she mentioned that all the money from these go to Burkina Faso, Africa. now, i will be the first to admit my geography is a little shawty (as is my math and science), but i know exactly where Burkina Faso is, becauuuuuuuse my church does missions work over there. i am dying to go. i seriously would love to go there more than anything, but i am just waiting for my time.

 needless to say, i got super excited because i knew exactly what she was talking about. we got talking a little more, and WHAT THE HECK, she is going there with a team from Salem Alliance. it was such a fun coincidence. so, all that to say, this was possibly the best sum of money i have ever spent.

while this was a major highlight of my day, i also went out for a coffee date with my dad this morning (after my leisure nap) and had a fabulous time just being with him. i love him.

then a bunch of other random things happened (like talking to Jess + Sarah in one day!!) and so on. so, after a huge 'ol day of fun, i ended it with a yummy bowl of peppermint ice cream. so tasty.
so that was my day. kind of. but i am loving time off. but i think i need structure. bad. hmm. well see what happens.

oh. and here is what the title is from:

barry manilow makes me feel uncomfortable.

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