Thursday, December 16, 2010

244 miles.

ok. despite the fact i feeling anti-social tonight, it was a great night/day. sorry if i brought anyone down with my nostalgic posting. but anyway, i am blogging because christy rukstalis made me so happy by posting '10 things i hate about you' clips on my facebook wall. that is one of our many movies that we find incredible. i did a little google mapping for us, and the results are a little sad:

5 hours and 244 miles separate me from one of my favorite people. now, i know that is not too bad compared to the separation other people have, but still. she can't just come over for a sleepover whenever she wants. but she is a good girl. and i love her. she made me so happy by sending me a little message. it makes me want to hug people.  

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