Friday, February 18, 2011


i dont really know what to say but i think i want to say something.

glad im here.
have drank (drunk??) millions of cups of tea
ate enough sugary yum-yums to keep me alive for three weeks
got flipped off by a man i tried to let merge into my lane
bought a pair of high waisted mom pants im a little apprehensive to pull off
was super excited to watch Titanic, and then fell asleep within the first hour
ate an entire bag of sour belts by myself
looked at the beautiful mountains that are being covered in snow
bought christy $6 frozen yogurt that was just mediocre
had christy paint my toes red
slept terribly good
watched "its kind of a funny story"
it wasn't funny. but it was still good
kind of missing my sister
learned i hate driving in places i dont know where im going

that is pretty much my day/last night.

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