Wednesday, February 16, 2011


packing is the most frustrating thing to me at the moment. i have been trying to pack for the past 5 hours. so far my suitcase has pajamas, a scarf, and underwear. i am getting no where. so i am blogging in hopes to regain my focus. oh then this happened:

ok. this picture sucks. but my mom and i went to get manicures this afternoon and i got this lovely color and perhaps the most awkward experience of my life, but i dont want to talk about that. anyway, like 10 minutes ago at the peak of my frustration, i look down an my middle finger has a hefty chip. chipped nails don't bother me. except for when i get them done to look nice on vacation and then the chip 4 hours later. seriously. 4 HOURS. so not okay. sorry for being such a diva, but i am super frustrated and this is just the icing on the cake. 4 HOURS LATER. ok. i feel better. there are so many bigger things to worry about. ok. i leave for seattle in less than 11 hours. and i only have pajamas and underwear. not good.

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