Sunday, February 6, 2011

so random

oh my goodness. so much life has been happening. i dont know where to start, but i know this will be really random.

okay lets start with today. superbowl day. i really dont care about football unless it is super intense and really close. i mainly watch football for the food. so much good food was eaten. cakes, cupcakes, tacos, tons of guacamole, 7 layer dip, brownies, and soo much food. ahhh. soo good. we had quite the little party and it was full of friends, and food, and crazy games of dutch blitz. oh yeah. so good.

and while we are talking about food, i have been having these creepy dreams about frozen yogurt. i keep dreaming im in this certain fro-yo shop (which ive never been in real life) and the dream feels hours long and it is just me eating fro-yo and the fruit/candy toppings. and when i wake up i can taste the candy in my mouth like i really ate it. i have no idea what it means but it is kind of scaring me with how delicious it is.
oh. this morning. this morning. so hannah and i "teach sunday school" in the baby room. i put that in quotes because we dont really read Bible stories to them. We just rock, and cuddle, and change poopy diapers for these little angels. But I do try to pray over them while cuddling them that they will grow up to be boys and girls who love Jesus. Anyway, we had a this little girl who was incredibly fussy and would not stop crying. So I fed her a bottle and put her in the crook of my arm with her head facing in a "football hold" so I could walk around while still holding her. All of a sudden my leg felt warm. I looked down and there was white spit-up ALL over my leg. really? yeah. it kind of all went downhill from there. i was such a nasty mess. needless to say, Hannah and I treated ourselves to straight from new york for lunch. nasty pants/cardigan and all.

then i fell in love with a cat. more on this later.

and like one and a half weeks till seattle. oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaahhhhh.

and holy provision! so i have this massive paper due that has been a pain in my butt to write. i seriously cannot write it. anyway, i decided last minute friday to skip aerobics because i NEEDED to write it. i was a little bummed because i can only miss 3 classes in order to keep an A. so with seattle and skipping last friday that uses up all 3 of my freebies. but i checked my email like an hour ago and saw that my instructor cancelled the class and it doesnt even count. seriously?! this was wonderful news.

oh and Hannah came home with grapefruits from work yesterday and i cannot eat enough of these. so, since i have no fantastic picture to attach to this, enjoy me enjoying my grapefruit.

it is so good.

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