Monday, January 10, 2011


i think i have been in a winter slump. things have kinda just been sliding by and i have been feeling sick, tired, and blue. today was so good to me. a good dose of sunshine, nice people, exercise, and relaxing was just what i needed. aerobics kicked my butt, then an intense game of tennis with ryan and aaron topped it off. here is the thing: im terrible at tennis. i only keep trying because occasionally i do hit the ball back and then i get so excited. it is satisfying. but ryan and aaron are patient. in fact, that is how we made it work with 3 players. ryan and i played against aaron. it was nice of them. they are nice boys. im proud to call them my brother/cousin. then we came home and ate the most satisfying yummy dinner. then it was game time. my plan was just to write my paper while we watched the game, but for the first time in my life, i got into football. i kinda hate that i said those words. but it happened. the end of that game was so intense. i dont know what it all means, but something crazy went down. im so tired now. all the exercise ive had today makes me so sleepy. this post does not make sense. but that is ok. all i know is i am content.

i feel like this guy today.

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