Saturday, January 1, 2011


weird. it is 2011. everyone has gone home. my room is  now quiet/clean/warm. the tree is gone. it is a little saddish and everyone seems to be really tired. but today was a nice start to my 2011. enjoy.
first, we opened stockings. yeah, weird, i know. we do ours on new years to stretch out the festivities.
its always funny to see what my dad picks out. mom is responsible for the big Christmas gifts, and dad does all the stockings. he did well.

then we said goodbye to this baby and her family. time is something i never feel like i have enough of. seriously, i dont know where it went. im really miss my family. i wish we all lived as neighbors. even though we kinda do...but still.
then i said goodbye to this little girl. i dont really need to go into how much i like them...
then we took down this pretty tree. and my grandma came to visit. it was pleasant.

then i went to bridgeport with my best friends, drank green tea frappachinos, returned stuff, saw an amazing sunset, came home and watched the hills with said best friends, cuddled, ate enchiladas and chocolate and sweet tarts, then laid here on my bed and felt extremely blessed and thankful for being so lucky.

and so here i am. 2011. a new year to do something cool. so what should i do? im not sure. but i have an idea. i made a list of 11 things i want to do/achieve/whatever. not a resolution. i just wanted to have a tangible list of things i want to happen by the end of this year. it helps keep me focused.

so that is my list. well see what i can do. but, even though i am making all these plans for my year, i have to remember, "Man makes elaborate plans, but God has the last word" Proverbs 16:1 The Message. so there. im excited to see what this year holds. so far, so good. oh. and be expecting a Christmas blog soon. but first, i have to sort through over 400 pictures. oh yeah. as a preview, enjoy this picture of me and my sweet angel on the last day of 2010.

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