Thursday, January 20, 2011

floral nails again.

so i think i may have just watched the best movie on netflix:
thats right. thats so raven. actually, it was terribly great. much like bride wars, father of the bride (part one and two), and wedding daze (the 90's version. honestly one of my favorites). i needed something to watch while i painted my nails and this was the perfect thing. now i am trying to stall so they will dry and i can sleep without getting sheet marks on them. or maybe it is because i am going with ehlana to do an engagement photoshoot tomorrow.

now that my movie is over, i am listening to this weirdly amazing collection of music christy gave us around christmastime. i love tracks 4, 10, 6, and 11 makes me want to cry happy tears. you should listen to this with me. i am thrilled out of my mind to see her in a few weeks. thats right. im spending a super long weekend in seattle. so excited.

oh my goodness. such a funny thing happened today. i ran into one of my best friends from like second grade. i honestly have not seen her since the last day of 2nd grade when i was 7. seriously. im so glad she stopped me. how crazy is that? it kind of made my day.

but yeah. i think i am going to force myself to sleep because i am hungry. and i dont want to make food. and i have a lot to do tomorrow.

ok. my nails are pretty much dry. here. see for yourself. i feel like i keep posting my floral nail patterns. trust me. ive only painted my nails like this once. and i guess i always feel the need to report. so enjoy. i liked how i did ehlanas so i did them to myself. original. i know.
ignore my "wheres waldo" pants. they are really comfortable...

and this post makes no sense but i am going to post it anyway because it took me almost 35 min to write because i am slow in the head.

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