Thursday, March 3, 2011

blah week

this week is a blah. it is gray and sad outside. i feel stuck inside and a little sad. so, to compensate i've been doing a little of this to brighten my spirits:
meet Randall!

WATERMELON! and a nap! two wonderful things.

Oh man, i love this place. Despite a few mishaps getting there, it was a lovely time.
AND on saturday i met one of my favorite bloggers in the whole entire world, Abi.
 or vanilla and lace. such a lovely lady! so exciting!!

so happy about this

Nigella Lawson's molten lava babycakes. so easy to make. so tasty in the tummy.

i ordered this book and it is taking forvever to get to me. but i read
a chapter at Salem Alliance, and OH MY WORD. amazing.

silly kitty.

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